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A place for you to switch off for a while, leaving the outside world and your worries behind. Turn inwards and find article imagethe essence, re-discover how strong and special you are.

Divination, deriving from the Latin divinare and translating “to be inspired by a God”, is the ancient practice of connecting to the timeless and spaceless world of the all-knowing.

Wisdom, represents the virtue of knowledge and profound understanding along with the capacity to embrace these qualities.

Choosing to move from practising Law on to the path of spiritual development and self-realisation, I have been blessed with the enlightenment of the Divination Wisdom notions coming together, giving my life a deeper meaning.

Using Divination, I have, for many years now, successfully helped people find direction in life, and through Wisdom, we have together worked hard and applied the knowledge granted to us.

A true blessing, Divination Wisdom nostrum is my gift to you. Please use it to its fullest and bring happiness into your life and of those around you.

bullet-subThe Divination

When feeling under pressure, confused, or burdened, your energies are unsettled. As a consequence, your mental attitude and behaviour are different from those of your true higher self.

And there are certain moments in our lives when having clarity of vision can be paramount. The way I get for you this unaltered information is via intuition – ESP inspired consultations, psychic readings combining unassisted clairvoyance, mediumship and divination with focusing tools such as Tarot and playing cards.

As the key to successful, accurate psychic readings is the connection between the psychic and the client, before buying, you are being offered five minutes free psychic reading.

bullet-subThe Wisdom

A psychic consultation is only a starting point of a more thorough process. The idea of psychic readings is to find out what path you are on at that particular moment. It helps you know whether, in your pursuit for happiness, you are or not, on the right path. And since Destiny is your final destination, it will be down to you what route you choose in order to reach it. This is where free will intervenes (remember that old saying ‘nothing is cast in stone’?) making the necessary changes for you to find harmony and happiness.

Some difficulties we all encounter, are dealing with the complexity of day by day life, with our endless struggle of finding happiness, not to mention health or money worries. So yes, accurate psychic readings are great, we all need them, we all love them, but only by using the power of mind we can find the key to happiness! Life wouldn’t be a struggle anymore, if we could understand that there are only two main rapports that we need to relate to:

1.Your mind is in charge of your brain (and your brain commands your body);

2. You must be in charge of your mind (Mindsettings.com)

Scientific experiments have proved how limitless the power of mind can be and here’s a good example for you: http://drdavidhamilton.com/?p=176

Although psychic readings help finding the answers that bring understanding and ultimately closure on the issue, it is only through hard work and dedication that we can break patterns and old beliefs, get rid of emotional issues and manage to control our thinking in order to use the power of mind despite of what the logic dictates. Doing all this is very tricky in itself, but trying it on your own, most of the time can prove to be ‘mission impossible’. This is the other aspect of my work – the Wisdom, because one thing is for sure: all the knowledge in the world is worthless if is not used and applied.

The principles laying as foundation of what I do are: lead your life on the path of truth, love and compassion and use your knowledge only for the Highest of Good.

As for health, wealth and happiness, it’s all possible when the mind, the soul and the body are in complete harmony and treated as a whole.

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